Tecumseh High School 

901 North 13th

Tecumseh, OK 74873

Phone 405-598-2113

Fax 405-598-2432

District Website: tecumsehschools.org

Danny Sterling, Principal

Email: sterlingd@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Randy Dilbeck, Asst. Principal

Email: dilbeckr@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Rodney Buss, HS Asst. Principal and Tecumseh Academy Principal

Email: bussr@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Tecumseh Board of Education Office 

1301 East Highland 

Tecumseh, OK 74873

Phone 405-598-3739

Fax 405-598-2861

District Website: tecumsehschools.org

Tom Wilsie, Superintendent

Email: wilsiet@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Julie McCormick, Asst. Supt. and Special Services Director

Email: mccormickj@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Janell Mitchell, Payroll Administrative Assistant

Email: mitchellj1@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Amzie Fortson, Encumbrance Clerk

Email: fortsona@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Faith Thoma, Administrative Asst. (Student Transfers)

Email: thomaf@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Teddy Kidney, Transportation Director

Phone: 405-598-5012

Carl O'Donnell, Maintenance

Phone: 405-598-3739

Tecumseh Middle School

315 West Park

Tecumseh, OK 74873

Phone 405-598-3744

Fax 405-598-1948

District Website: tecumsehschools.org

Robert Kinsey, Principal

Email: kinseyr@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Sarah Flowers, Asst. Principal

Email: flowerss@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Barnard Elementary School

315 East Locust 

Tecumseh, OK 74873

Phone 405-598-3169

Fax 405-598-

District website: tecumsehschools.org

Cindy Horn, Principal

Email: hornc@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Cross Timbers Elementary

1111 West Highland

Tecumseh, OK 74873

Phone 405-598-3771

Fax 405-598-8717

District Website: tecumehschools.org

Brandi Burks, Principal

Email: burksb@tecumseh.k12.ok.us

Krouch Early Childhood Center

723 West Park

Tecumseh, OK 74873

Phone 405-598-2967

Fax 405-598-1633

District website: tecumsehschools.org

Tammy Giaudrone, Principal

Email:  giaudronet@tecumseh.k12.ok.us