Dear Parents,

Hurray! We’re starting a new school year! I’m continuing to teach Art on occasion. The students love days when they get to do an Art project. I’m also getting to teach three classes a day of Power Hour. It makes my days fly by!

I will be ordering recorders on Friday, October 6th. There’s still time if you need to place an order. If your child still has a recorder from last year, they can use it again.

I’m excited to see what this year holds! Thank you ahead of time for all of your support!

Musically Yours,
Mrs. Outon

3rd Gr. Musical

Hello, 3rd Graders! Below are the songs we are doing for the musical as well as the scripts for you to study. You can click on the songs to practice.

Holiday Snowtime Scripts

Holiday Snowtime p. 1

Holiday Snowtime p. 2

Holiday Snowtime p.3

Holiday Snowtime Songs

I Love the Snow!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Spinning in the Light

Mister Santa

The Christmas Song

Angel Band