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Welcome to our page.  We are so excited to have a new and convenient way to keep our students updated on all the tools they will need to get a good education and a solid career plan in place.  We hope you will check back often for important dates, helpful web links and loads of scholarship opportunities. THS has two full time counselors for your academic and emotional needs.  Mrs. Meyers handles all freshman and sophomore cases and Ms. Poole is counselor for all juniors and seniors.  Mrs. Meyers can be reached at (405) 598-2113 ext 6007 and Ms. Poole is (405) 598-2113 ext 6006. Please consult the links to the left when needing answers for questions about schooling. 

FAFSA? What's FAFSA? Everybody needs a FAFSA!


Headed to college or career tech following graduation? You will need to start the application process for FAFSA.  This is a series of documents used to determine your qualifications for financial aid in order to help pay for expenses.  Every school will require this application to be completed at the time of enrollment.  It's a little long (so make some time) and somewhat complicated but we are here to help.  You will need to see Ms. Poole to complete the process.  Applications open October 1, 2019 for the Class of 2020.  Gather the following personal records before you begin the process:

  • your parents' tax information for the 2018 tax year
  • month and year parents were married and/or divorced
  • parents' birth dates and birth years
  • parents' email address

When you have these papers in place you can follow the link to the left called FAFSA.  This is a free service.  Refrain from using any website that wants to charge you a fee.  There are plenty of things that have to be paid for later.  FAFSA is free--Don't  pay for this service!

Important Notices

Attention Mid term Graduates--

If you will be graduating in December 2019, you must see Ms. Poole as soon as possible to start the exit process paperwork.  Lots of information must be obtained from you, before you leave campus. 

CPR Certification Graduation Requirement

All seniors are required to complete a course in CPR which is offered by the high school.  However, many seniors will have completed this training elsewhere, such as with an employer or as a requirement for a career tech class. The successful completion of the course elsewhere will serve as meeting the graduation requirement. However, seniors must bring this proof of certification card to Ms. Poole as soon as possible to be avoid being scheduled in a class. 

Totally Free!!

If your child is currently receiving free/reduced lunch benefits they are eligible to receive two free ACT registrations as well. These free tests can be accessed during the junior or senior year.  These two extra test opportunities are in addition to the one free test that all juniors receive in April. 

Tecumseh High School also offers an ACT prep class in the fall and spring semesters taught by a certified ACT test administrator.  Taking the class has been proven to boost student scores significantly.

See Mrs. Meyers or Ms. Poole for details ASAP.


OKcollegestart.org is an amazing website.  Use the link to your left.  You can get study guides for the PSAT, SAT, ASVAB and ACT. It's got high school curriculum suggestions as well as information on Oklahoma's awesome free college plan called Oklahoma's Promise.  You might be eligible.  Last year to apply is sophomore year, so hurry. 

Upcoming Events

  • September 26 - OBU College Fair - sign up in advance with Ms. Poole
  • September 27 - OSU Orange Friday
  • October 9 - College APP Day - Get FAFSA and college application help from 8:15-11:15 am in the THS library
  • November 4 - ASVAB Military Placement Test - Sign up with counselors

"Millions" of scholarships Available many not listed here-- Come see Us in the counseling suite

Scholarship Opportunities $$$

Horatio Alger Scholarship
  • 2.0 GPA
  • Total household income $55K or below
  • Deadline October 25