Welcome to Tecumseh High School -- THS Student Council is a student elected governing body concerned with building a strong high school community with our classmates. Council meets week at 7:15 am in Room 307 and all students are invited to attend. New ideas for promoting school spirit are always welcome. The 2018-19 council will be led by senior Caleb Kelsey who will serve as chapter president. Vice President is junior Jacey Cox. Our sponsors are Ms. Henry and Mrs. Lundgaard.

Class of 2019 Class Officers

President - Caleb Kelsey

Vice President - Edward Carey

Secretary - Channing Scallorn

Treasurer - Baylee Kennedy

Reporter - Taylor West

Class Representatives - Sydney McClaskey, Elizabeth Lindsey

Class of 2020 Class Officers

President - Jacey Cox

Vice President - Lynsey Batterton

Secretary - Winni Chen

Treasurer - Baylee Montgomery

Reporter - Brooklynn Sutton

Class Representatives - Bryce Welch, Brianna Hair, Gage Boatman, Kaycee Dobyns

Class of 2021 Class Officers

President - Haylee Cobbs

Vice President - Kulson Yates

Secretary - Avery Hall

Treasurer - Jacey Kuhn

Reporter - Kayla Crisp

Class Representatives - Lilly Brown, Lacy Howell, Allyson Falcon

Class of 2022 Class Officers

President - Emily Bingham

Vice President - Whitlee Davis

Secretary - Eliabeth Kipps

Treasurer - Tyler Sampson

Reporter - Jaxon Meyers

Class Representatives - Trey Bush, John Snodgrass