Why was this center developed?

This campus was developed as an extension and complement to our five traditional learning sites and will serve children in grades Pre K-12. It will provide opportunities to create, explore and experience learning outside the traditional classroom. The instruction may occur in a multitude of ways that will help students become fully engaged in the learning process. Tecumseh Public Schools employs the ideal that all students should enjoy what they learn and they should be able to appreciate the relevance of what they learn as well.  This will be reinforced at The Krouch Center through high energy, collaborative lessons that are authentic and engaging. This district has a simple and yet complex philosophy that says: Relevance=Engagement=Thriving Students.  Our children will be able to make the connection between the concept of the classroom and the importance of employing the skills they have learned. It will be easy for them to say "I understand how this works because I got to try it out for myself!"  When the center is fully developed, it should be a tremendous asset to reducing chronic absenteeism and dropout rates. Children will want to come to school so they can learn something new and exciting. 

If you have something to offer our students as far as business and career experiences whether it be teaching a class, conducting a short presentation about your career or offering internship experiences we would love to hear from you.  Please contact our superintendent, Tom Wilsie at (405) 598-3739.