The Internship Program is designed to give students hands-on learning experiences in the local business community. Through internships, students are introduced to a chosen career field as an overview of the path of education to that profession. Internships broaden students' knowledge base of the inner workings of the business world and enables them to recognize their own talents, goals, abilities, and interests as they strive to make decisions about their future academic and career goals.

Pam Robinson, Ph.D., Coordinator

Office : Krouch College/Career S.T.E.A.M Center (405)-598-5500

Student Intern Roles & Responsibilities

  • Dedicate one semester and a minimum of one class period to the internship.

  • Participate in non-paid education activities that correspond to the performance objectives at the business/agency site.

  • Must have own transportation to and from worksite.

  • Communicate with the Internship Coordinator and the worksite when they are going to be absent.

Selection Process

  • Students must apply and interview for the program the semester before they would start. (i.e. apply in spring for a fall program)

  • Students are permitted to apply to the Internship Program during the enrollment process for their first semester of their junior year. The number of earned high school credits will be considered.

  • Must have one period of their school day dedicated to an internship assignment.

  • Must complete an application to be submitted to the 11th/12th Grade Counselor.

  • Must submit a recommendation from an adult who knows them well. This person cannot be a relative or person living in the same house.

  • Must submit Parent Permission to Drive and Release of Contact Information form.

  • Must meet credit requirements.

  • Must interview with the Internship Review Team.

Evaluation: Interns will receive credit based upon completion of journals, assignments, six scheduled academic classes, attendance, review of job performance from the site, and a final project.

Professionalism: Interns will follow the procedures outlined by their assigned worksite with regard to proper etiquette, grooming, and demeanor when dealing with all persons with whom the business/agency has them in contact.

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Thank you to the following businesses for partnering with THS for the Internship Program:

  • Action Physical Therapy

  • Barnard Elementary

  • Brooksville Volunteer Fire

  • Countywide and Sun

  • Cross Timbers Elementary

  • Holidog Inn & Grooming

  • Officer Law Firm PLLC

  • Shawnee City Planner

  • Tecumseh Chamber

  • Tecumseh Fire Department

  • Tecumseh High School

  • Tecumseh Police Department

  • Tecumseh Veterinary Clinic