School sites release procedure details for learning during a pandemic

Administrators from all five learning sites at Tecumseh Public Schools have released their pandemic operational safety plans which will be implemented on the first day of school, August 20. The new safety measures which will be in use at all schools are based on CDC recommendations for building a safer learning environment during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Plans are tailored for age and capability by individual site and can be accessed by clicking the links below. Parents are urged to review these procedures with their children prior to the start of school.  The first few days of school will also be used by teachers and administrators to define and demonstrate these plans to students.

Administrators say cautionary measures will be in use from the very first day of class and continue daily from the time students arrive until the end of the day.

Questions regarding the operational safety plans should be directed to the site specific administrator.

COVID 19 School Site Operational Plans