Digital learning tool will be used at all grade levels

Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister is devoting a portion of CARES Act funding to implement a digital learning tool in all state schools called Exact Path.

According to a press release from Hofmeister, the online tool from Edmentum combines adaptive diagnostics with individualized instruction and learning paths for kindergarten through 12th-grade students. Once Exact Path determines a student’s level of knowledge, a personalized pathway is created to ensure the student reaches academic growth goals in English language arts, math and reading. 

Tecumseh Public Schools conducted training for all teachers for the use of Exact Path during professional development. Teachers across the district are currently incorporating the learning tool into daily or weekly lesson plans for all grade levels. Students will be able to use this program in the classroom, independently at home and during days of forced remote learning.  Exact Path is not only used to locate deficient areas of learning a student may have but also allow children who have mastered learning standards to work ahead on more challenging material as they improve.

"This is exciting for our students because the  program is being provided to our district at no cost for the first year.  It will allow our teachers during the first days of school to diagnose the lost learning that possibly occurred due to the abrupt ending of our 2019-20 school year," said TPS Superintendent Tom Wilsie.

"However, after training for just a few hours in early August, many of our teachers were able to see the benefits this program would provide to all students, whether they were having trouble recalling standards taught or desiring to be challenged even more in the classroom. Our principals indicated teachers were excited for the possibilities long term use of Exact Path could offer our students."

Here are some materials provided by Edmentum about this exciting new educational tool.

Exact Path Parent Letter

Exact Path Primary Poster

Getting Started With Exact Path Parent Training Video