Box Tops For Books Begins

Helping our schools is as easy as buying your groceries and saving the box tops as the nationally recognized program Box Tops for Education celebrates The Power of Box Tops September 17-23. Participating TPS sites include Tecumseh Middle School, Cross Timbers, Barnard and Tecumseh Early Childhood Center. Students can bring their clipped box tops carrying the pictured logo, back to their school which can be redeemed for books and supplies to be used by each of the mentioned schools.  During Power of Box Tops Week classes and schools hold collection contests to see who can bring the most box tops back. Small rewards are often given to the classes collecting the most.  Box Tops for Education has a website detailing the grocery and household items that qualify for credit and can be accessed here: Box Tops for Education

The website offers information, coupons and a place for you to designate your favorite school.  You may already have some of these box tops in your kitchen cabinets now.  So search your shelves, clip along the dotted line and send the coupons with your child back to your designated school site.  You will be helping your school by shopping for groceries. 

**Tecumseh Middle School will bring their box tops back during Rewards Race which is the week of September 17-28 to be turned in during advisory period but box tops will be accepted all year at all sites.  The top three classes will get a snack party.