Walking a million miles this year

On August 8 teachers and staff were issued a simple request. "Let's get healthy. Let's encourage our students to get healthy. Let's teach our families about the importance of good health. Let's walk a million miles!" Literally, that's what TPS Superintendent Tom Wilsie meant when he challenged the Tecumseh Public School family to keep track of steps and combine those efforts to walk a million miles by the last day of school on May 21.

Currently, that's what everyone is doing.  High school students are turning in miles as they keep track on their personal fitness apps while coaches and athletes are taking credit for every sprint and every lap they run.  It adds up fast. The high school alone had logged 105,075 miles by October 26.  Teachers in the lower grades are staging lap walks around playgrounds and walking the long way to normal places like the cafeteria, the playground and the library. P.E. teachers are choosing games and activities that involve hundreds of steps by hundreds of schoolchildren. It's a game where everyone is walking and counting with school sites challenging each other to see which one can walk the most.  

The end prize for the group that racks up the most mileage you ask? No prize, just pride for meeting a challenge and choosing good health.  If you want to be part of this goal quest call your favorite school site about how you can donate the miles you have walked.