In a special board meeting April 5, Assistant Superintendent Robert Kinsey was unanimously selected by the board of education to serve as the next superintendent for Tecumseh Public Schools.

Kinsey will replace retiring superintendent Tom Wilsie who has been in the top role at Tecumseh for the past 24 years.

Kinsey is a Tecumseh High School alumnus and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. He holds state professional certifications for secondary principal and school superintendent.  He is a former science teacher for Tecumseh at the middle and high school levels. He then served as assistant principal and principal at Tecumseh Middle School before moving to the job of assistant superintendent three years ago.

“I am extremely happy to be able to hand over the keys, if you will, to Mr. Kinsey.  Because he has worked in so many different areas of our school district, he has developed a deep knowledge of what it takes to run a school of our size. He has some great ideas for where he would like to take our district next. He will be a tremendous leader for Tecumseh,” said Wilsie.

Kinsey is married to Kacy Parker Kinsey and they have one son, Harrison who is a sixth-grade student at Tecumseh Middle School. His parents are Stacy and Karen Kinsey, who (Karen) is a former longtime educator/administrator for Tecumseh Public Schools too.

Kinsey’s new appointment will take effect July 1, 2021.