New students

Parents with children who will be attending Tecumseh Public Schools for the first time beginning August 2021 are urged to get enrolled now. 

Students who will be in any grade pre - k through twelfth grade but did not attend Tecumseh Public Schools during the 2020-21 school year will need to start the application process as soon as possible using the link below.  Once you have submitted some basic demographic information via our online form, an enrollment adviser from the appropriate school site will contact you to continue with the application and placement of your child in classes. 

An application for each child in your family who will attend Tecumseh Schools is required.  The school sites and the grades they serve are listed on the enrollment form. This initial process is ONLY for those students who were NOT Tecumseh students last year which includes online or in person learners. If your children attended Tecumseh for a partial year, but did not end the school year here, an application will be necessary.  

New Student Enrollment Form