Robert Kinsey - Superintendent    

Brandi Burks - Assistant Superintendent

TPS Pre-Enrollment/Enrollment 2022-2023

It is time to pre-enroll for the 2022-2023 school year.  There are two steps to the enrollment process which are described in detail below.  Please follow these steps and if you have any questions, call your child’s school site and someone will assist you.  

Online Pre-Enrollment: The WEN GAGE student system will be used to complete the pre-enrollment process.  You may access WEN GAGE by following this link: https://ok.wengage.com/Tecumseh/account/login?ReturnUrl=%2fTecumseh You may also access the site by going to the Tecumseh Public Schools website and clicking on the Enrollment link on the home page. If you are unsure of your username and password, please try using the reset password option.  If you are still unable to gain access to your child’s WEN GAGE account, please call your child’s school site and they can assist you. 

Inside the WEN GAGE portal, select Student Records Portal.  Next to your child’s information you will see a blue link that says “Enroll Student – 2022-2023”  This will begin the pre-enrollment process.

At the top of your child’s account you will see three tabs: Step 1: Demographics, Step 2: Relations, Step 3: Documents.  You must complete all three tabs in order to pre-enroll.  The first two Steps will verify information already in the system.  It is here you can make any changes that need to be made for the upcoming school year.  

Tab 3 will open up to a document to be completed, titled Student Enrollment Form.  This document is best completed using a computer and not on a cell phone.  Please use a computer to complete this section.  If you do not have a home computer you may use your child’s school device to complete Step 3. If you cannot access the Student Enrollment Form on your computer or your student's device, please contact your child's school to set up a time that a device you can use can be made available to you.  

Once all three tabs are complete please click the Submit button.  This will submit your child’s pre-enrollment to the school site.  Pre-Enrollment is then complete.

District Enrollment:  July 19th is TPS District Enrollment day.  During this enrollment day students will pick up their schedules and homeroom assignments and parents will complete all remaining enrollment forms and get students set up to check out devices for the upcoming school year.   This event will take place at our Alumni Center located on the Tecumseh High School campus.  Tecumseh Public School’s staff will be available to assist with this process from 8:00AM-7:00PM.  More information will be sent out as this date approaches.  We look forward to connecting with families during this event and providing access to the many resources to help promote student’s success in the coming school year. 

If you have any questions regarding enrollment or need assistance please contact your child’s school site